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NMR Spectrometer SLK 200


NMR SPECTROMETER SLK 200 – The most advanced Magnetic Resonance System for quality assurance and control. Accurate, reliable, friendly, automated.

Allows determining simultaneously and in just seconds

  • Oil
  • Moisture
  • Acidity
  • Protein
  • Fatty acids

NMR Spectrometer

The SLK-200 NMR Spectrometer has been designed to analyse the composition of seeds and oils. Through the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique, this equipment can detect the presence and concentration of Oil and Moisture in sunflower seeds and other oilseeds.

The main characteristics of this equipment are:
– Analysis Time around 4 seconds for Oil and Moisture, and less than 30 seconds for
Oleic Acid.
– The sample is not destroyed or altered when analyzed.
– Precision:
* Waste < 1 % for Oil and Moisture
* Repeatability < 0.15 % in the 95 % of the measurements for Oil and Moisture
* Waste < 3 % for Oleic Acid
* Repeatability < 0.8 % in the 95 % of the measurements for Oleic Acid.


Spinlock attended the 4th HOC

Spinlock attended the 4th High Oleic Oils International Congress that occurred from 5 to 6 September 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.

The HOC congress is turning known globally, becoming the meeting place for leaders in the HO value chain. More than 250 producers, traders and buyers have come from 40 different countries.
Why Romania? During the past 5 years, Romania experimented one of the fastest expansion of HO sunflower acreage, at 39% annual growth rate; becoming a leading country in Central Europe for HO sunflower trading, at crossroads between Asia and Europe.
Romania also experimented the cultivation of HOLL rapeseed.


Events – Spinlock has participated in May of the Expo Oliva Jaén 2017, an event dedicated to the olive industry. Spinlock attended the event together with his representative in Spain, the company Tecnilab.
On the other hand, in September Spinlock will be in Romania to participate in the main conference of the high oleic in the world.
Romania is one of the leading producers and exporters of agricultural products in Europe. This sector accounts for 10% of GDP. Crops occupy 40% of the surface of the country. Spinlock has representation in this country through the company Astra Prim.

Emiliano Cecchi Spinlock Ximena Vogel


Spinlock employees nominated at infonegocios. Emiliano Nahuel Cecchi, Commercial Assistant; Ximena Vogel Conchez, Commercial and Marketing Coordinator; Cristian Sebastián Moré, Senior Researcher and Pedro E. Vildoza, Electronic Engeneer.

Infonegocios recognized Spinlock employees in its “Young Promises 2016” section within the IT Companies category. The event was held in September and had a great convocation.



Spinlock had a succesful participation in the Argetina Oil & Gas Expo held in Buenos Aires. This event is considered one of the most important within the oil & gas industry in the region. It benefits from an important international recognition, attracting the primary actors of the industry.

During the event, Spinlock was present in a stand within GAPP (Oil & Gas provider’s group), where it displayed one of its innovations (SLK 1000 PM), which allows the determination of rock porosity (core plugs) in shale rocks. Additionaly, Dr. Daniel Pusiol provided a conference about the results obtained of the first multiphasic flowmeter, recently installed in southern Argentina.

We take the opportnity to thank both the IAPG (Argentina Oil & Gas Institute) and GAPP for the opportunity that provides us and the industry as a whole, to display the latest developments. We also want to send our appreciation to those that reached to our stand, assisted the conference, and met our staff.


During the months of October and November Spinlock will be attending two important events within the Oil & Gas and Oil & Fats industries.

Between October 5th and 8th, Spinlock will actively participate in the AOG, Argentina Oil & Gas Expo, organized by the Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute. This organization promotes a space of business exchange that involves the group of providers who represent the value chain of oil and gas, together with the industries that make use of the latest innovations to increase their efficiency in a sustainable way.


Visit AOG Expo 2015

Soon after, on October 31st until November 4th, Spinlock will be part of the ASAGA World Congress on Oil & Fats, the most important of its kind. This event is an invitation to share updated knowledge and new developments in the fats and oil industries worldwide.

With these two events, Spinlock wishes to share its unique innovations in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applied to different industries. We look forward to meeting current and future clients as well!


Incorporates new international representatives – In order to continue its global expansion, Spinlock has signed exclusive representation contracts in three new markets. The company, developer of technology based on Magnetic Resonance, will be present through official representatives in Turkey, India and South Korea.
The new strategic partners, with technical knowledge and commercial experience, will offer Spinlock products to different industries in their respective countries.
The addition of these new representatives to Spinlock’s international network consolidates the company’s global presence, enabling it to grow and secure solutions to its customers.


Last February 12th, the chief researchers of Syngenta Seeds were welcomed by the management area of Spinlock in its new corporate building. During the meeting, Head of Sunflower Breeding Mr. Branislav Dozet – currently residing in Hungary -, Sunflower Breeder Mr. Federico Bock, and Pre-Breeding Project Lead Ms. Virginie Mirleau-Thebaud were present. Spinlock´s President Dr. Daniel Pusion, General Manager Mgter. Dante Pusiol and Dr. Julia Garcia, in charge of Research and Development, presented the new projects of the technological firm.

Multinational Syngenta is one of the primary clients of Spinlock’s global network of partners. There are currently 7 Syngenta stations that are working with NMR technology produced by Spinlock, located in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, Argentina and Russia. The gathering between both firms enabled the exchange of new innovative needs and technological developments for the continuous research within the agri-food inustry. Through these important initiatives, both Syngenta and Spinlock have strenghtened their partnership, enabling increased possibilities of cientific and technological collaboration in the future.


On Thursday, April 13th, Spinlock held the inauguration event of its new corporate building. This modern new facility had an investment of 5 million pesos, and seals the continued growth that the Company is achieving. The corporate building comprises 1.200 m2, which will enable the company to duplicate its anual production. Local media, authorities, providers, clients and Spinlock’s team were present during the ceremony, where they enjoyed a gathering with live music, entertainment and catering. Guests were able to tour around the facilities and the special room accommodated to display Spinlock´s trajectory since its conception until today.

Spinlock’s New Corporate Building

New Corporate Building – After 18 months of construction, Spinlock proudly presents its imposing Corporate Headquarters Building with the exclusive design of the Architectural Firm, “STC Architects”.
The building seeks to reflect the identity of the company through sophistication, technological design, presenting, at the same a minimalist and austere image.