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Spinlock is a technology-based company with focus on providing analytical solutions

to different industries such as Food, Energy, Textile, etc.  We develop and supply Nuclear

Magnetic Resonance equipment for several applications both at the Lab (Benchtop NMR systems)

and production-line devices (Inline NMR).


Also, Spinlock supplies both off-the-shelf NMR equipment (Benchtop and In-Line) and develops

custom-made designs for Client specific needs. Today Spinlock has Clients in all corners of

the world, counting equipment deployed in 20+ countries worldwide.

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Founded in 2003, Spinlock came to life as a spin-out of one of South America’s oldest universities. With a profound scientific heritage, it quietly became an innovation model developed technologies that today are game changes in the Oil & Gas and Food Industries.

Spinlock today develops technology and prototypes of Magnetic Resonance equipment for different industrial applications. Spinlock also supplies off-the-shelf NMR equipment (benchtop and inline) for industrial applications in 18 countries across the globe. Learn more about our products.  


The Foundation

Spinlock was born in 2003 when Daniel Pusiol, an experimental scientist and University professor, decided to jump off and pursue his dream of bringing his lifetime experience in research, into private sector industry. Based on the concept of “providing Magnetic Resonance solutions,” Dr. Pusiol surrounded himself with his most reliable and skilled people, who believed in his project and committed to it.

Dr. Daniel Pusiol

NQR for Airport Security

Spinlock develops a NQR for Airport Security

CONAE (Arg.): Data Tape Handling Robot


Shell Oil (US): Multiphase Flowmeter - Development Project Launch.

Launch of development project in the United States.

SLK 100 Successful Validation at INTA (Arg.). Product Launch.

Spinlock launches its first oilseed analyzer, the SLK-100. Its validation was given at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA Argentina)

Shell tests SLK Pore Size Analyzer.

The analyzer allows to determine the porosity of rocks for oil fields.


MPFM Tryouts

MPFM Tryouts: Validation SLK’s MPFM with Shell (NL & US)


Spinlock and UNE Pharma (US) test the SLK PH 100 (NQR)

Embrapa (Brazil): Development Contract for the SLK IF 1300


Launch of SLK GOW

SLK GOW Development Launch for Mendoza wells. Client YPF (Arg.)

Y-TEC tests the Flowmeter on Spinlock’s flow loop.

Y-TEC performs the Flowmeter test on the Flow Loop installed in Spinlock.

Official launch of the new SLK 200 Series. Product Launch

The most advanced Magnetic Resonance System for quality assurance and control.

New Representatives

In order to provide the best technical support worldwide Spinlock has representatives in Turkey and South Korea.

Protein Module

The R & D team launches the protein measurement for the SLK-200. In seconds the percentage of this parameter can be obtained in Soybeans.


After 18 months of construction, Spinlock proudly presents its imposing Corporate Headquarters Building with the exclusive design of the Architectural Firm, “STC Architects”.

The building seeks to reflect the identity of the company through sophistication, technological design, presenting, at the same a minimalist and austere image.

New Representative

Spinlock makes a representation agreement with a major distributor of laboratory products in Ukraine.

привіт Україна!!

Start of the MFM III trials

Multiphase Flowmeter Field Trials in Rincon de los Sauces (Y-TEC/SLK)


Spinlock launches its first polymer analyzer.

New Representative

Spinlock adds a new representative, now in Spain.



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