Spinlock | RIO OIL & GAS
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A new edition of RIO OIL & GAS took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last September, The exhibition leads
the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America and it represents a key meeting point for firms and organisms in this industry.


At the event, which was attended by around 1,400 exhibitors from over 27 countries, new ideas, innovative concepts and technological visions of companies and organizations around the world were exposed.

Spinlock was present, represented by its General Manager, Dante Pusiol, with a spot in the Argentinian stall from “Fundación Exportar”. He was also accompanied and assisted by Argentine Petroleum Suppliers Group (GAPP), the Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba (CaCEC), ProCórdoba Agency ant the Chamber of Metalworkers of Córdoba.

The agenda of RIO OIL&GAS 2014 included topics such as changes in energy production driven by the opening of new markets and the rapid evolution in the production of unconventional resources that have changed the geopolitical global scenario.

The results of the fair were very positive for Spinlock. Valuable business relations with international oil companies were established due to participation in business roundtables.