SLK-200 - NMR Spectrometer
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Desktop magnetic resonance equipment for measurement of oil or fat, moisture, fatty acid and protein content in different types of seeds, oils and food. Simultaneous, non-destructive and automated determination. 





– Multiple Parameter Measured, a single Equipment 


The SLK 200 is capable of simultaneously analyze the percentage of moisture, oil-fat, protein, oleic acid and main fatty acids in all types of samples. 

* For the measurement of some parameters, it is necessary to add special modules to the equipment. 


– Accurate results and in seconds 


In just seconds you can see the results on your PC with an accuracy greater than 98%: 

04” Oil and Moisture 

12” Protein 

20” Fatty Acids 


-No sample preparation required 


The analysis does not affect or destroy the samples. 

– Oleic acid measurement in single seeds 


It allows to determine fatty acids content in a single seed. Ideal for breeders that want to genetically manipulate their seeds to replicate them. 


-Automatable and easy to use 


Intuitive and User-Friendly Sotware. With a short training allows the user to make their own measurements. Learn as in the following video: WATCH VIDEO 


-Worldwide Support 


Through our unique assistance platform: Spinlock Online Help Desk® you will have the right support and after-sales service remotely. 

Single Seed Sample Holders
Spinlock exclusive development for low signals with variable gain control. Made out of Teflon and aluminum and designed for more precise oleic acid measurements in seeds of different sizes. These Sample Holders are part of the Spinlock Single Seed System, created specifically for genetic work. Most importantly, samples are never destructed, being able to replicate them.
Designed to automatically insert and remove samples, compatible with SLK-100, SLK-200 and SLK 1000 PM. The SLK Auto Sampler will pick up a bulk sample holder from a prepared set of samples, weigh it, and place it for measurement in the Spinlock equipment automatically. Capacity: 2 modules of 50 samples and scalable.
Stainless steel mill with enclosed motor for olive sample preparation at the laboratory. 220 VCA supply voltage, 1 HP power, 2850 revolutions per minute, 500 cm3 crushing capacity. Made of stainless steel. Includes opening safety switch. Includes filling hopper. Enclosed motor.
Bulk Sample Holders
Designed to hold a volume of 27cm3, corresponding to 15 to 25 grams of sample. Different versions for different applications: Teflon and Acrylic.
  • Benchtop / Desktop Magnetic Resonance Equipment for Time Domain Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry (TD-NMR).
  • Designed for Laboratory Installation.
  • Fat/Oil Content %,
  • Moisture Content %,
  • Fatty Acid Content %  (Oleic, Linoleic and main FA), and
  • Protein Content %,
  • Seeds, Grains, Foods in general, Polymers, Artificial Fibers, others.

    • Measurement Principle: Low Field Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    • Country of Origin: Argentina
    • Main body: SLK 200 Permanent Magnet Assembly, RF Coils and Associated Electronics (Tx, Rx, Digital Module, etc)
    • Sample Holders: Tubes, available in Glass (Sealed base) and Teflon (perforated base)
    • Single Seed Sample Holders: For particular applications. Material: Teflon + Aluminium.
    • Configuration data: Once calibrated does not require input data.
    • Calibration: Calibrated with pattern samples. Pattern methods depend on the parameter: Soxhlet (Oil %), Drying (Moisture %), Gas Chromatography (Oleic Acid%), Kjeldahl (Protein Content%).
    • Operation Ambient Temperature: 25º C (+/- 0,5º C)
    • Required Maintenance: No operation stoppage. Spinlock recommends a Calibration verification every 12 months.
    • Installation / Packaging:  Shipped in Palleted Wood Box (700mm x 700mm x 700mm)
    • Weight: 57 Kg
    • Electrical Specifications: 120 / 220 AC V – 300W
    • Consumables: Does not use.
    • Radioactive: No.
    • Mobile Parts: None.
    • Operation Frequency: 11 MHz
    • Magnetic Field Intensity: 280 mT
    • Magnetic Field transmitted to the outside: Insignificant (Shielded Equipment).
    • RadioFrequency transmitted to the outside: Insignificant (Shielded Equipment).

Desktop magnetic resonance equipment (TD-NMR) for measurement of oil or fat, moisture, fatty acid and protein content. It makes simultaneous, non-destructive and automated determinations of these patterns.

  • A single equipment:

    A single basic SLK 200 equipment capable of analyzing all types of samples on different applications. Each application has a different software specially developed to achieve the highest performance of this application equipment.

  • Inside the box:

    The standard version of this equipment features the NMR Spectrometer, 2 bulk sample holders, the SLK software for measurement and a desktop PC.

  • Optional:

    Bulk sample holders, sample holders for unique seed measurement, software for measurement in other applications or samples, electronic scale to connect to NMR and PC.


All Spinlock Software is developed entirely in-house, compatible with MS-Windows based computers to control the SLK-200 and visualize all results. Signals and measurements can be saved in a database which is then exported to .dat and .xls type of files (MS-Excel). The SLK200 works with a USB port and can be connected to a desktop CPU or a laptop.

Spinlock offers 2 types of Software:

  1. Industrial / Commercial Software: Characterized for user-friendliness, does not require a qualified operator.
  2. Research Software:  This allows full flexibility in operations. Permits programing any pulse sequence or NMR experiment. Request more information about Condor and Condor Lite by Contacting Us here.