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We have the pleasure of sharing that Spinlock has been distinguished with the 2014 Innovation Award granted, by the Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba (Cámara de Comercio Exterior de Córdoba – CaCEC) (CaCEC), This entity unites manufacturing firms, exporting and importing companies and services agents related with international trade.

For Spinlock, innovation is a fundamental part of the development and differentiation of our products. In the past years, our Research and Development Team has accomplished the creation of new features and applications that allowed our company to reach new markets and permanently offer better solutions to our clients.
The Technological Innovations for which Spinlock was awarded, are the following:

  • Protein Content Determination by NMRThis is Spinlock newst scientific achievement. We have recently developed a methodology for determination of protein content in soybean. The results are obtained in about 15 seconds. This makes the SLK-200 the only NMR analyzer capable of determining oil, water, fatty acids and protein, all with the same equipment.
  • Benefits in Olive Market: Spinlock has accomplished the development of a method for optimization in Olive industry; it allows measuring humid samples of olives with no need of a drying procedure, which can take up to 8 hours. Benefits of this feature relate to speeding the procedure of oil content determination, with a significant resources save.
  • Oleic Acid Measurement in Single Seeds:Spinlock has developed a methodology for determining fatty acids content in a single oily seed by means of Magnetic Resonance Technology. Entire grains are located inside a specially designed sample-holder, with no peeling, grinding or chemical treatment needed.


Spinlock would like to sincerely thankthe Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba for this exclusive distinction and trust in our company.