Syngenta global researchers visit spinlock
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Last February 12th, the chief researchers of Syngenta Seeds were welcomed by the management area of Spinlock in its new corporate building. During the meeting, Head of Sunflower Breeding Mr. Branislav Dozet – currently residing in Hungary -, Sunflower Breeder Mr. Federico Bock, and Pre-Breeding Project Lead Ms. Virginie Mirleau-Thebaud were present. Spinlock´s President Dr. Daniel Pusion, General Manager Mgter. Dante Pusiol and Dr. Julia Garcia, in charge of Research and Development, presented the new projects of the technological firm.

Multinational Syngenta is one of the primary clients of Spinlock’s global network of partners. There are currently 7 Syngenta stations that are working with NMR technology produced by Spinlock, located in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, Argentina and Russia. The gathering between both firms enabled the exchange of new innovative needs and technological developments for the continuous research within the agri-food inustry. Through these important initiatives, both Syngenta and Spinlock have strenghtened their partnership, enabling increased possibilities of cientific and technological collaboration in the future.