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Spinlock offers all clients preventive technical reviews, including remote checks with Spinlock Online Helpdesk and pre-campaign calibrations to ensure that your equipment is in perfect condition before starting a new campaign.

Every so often, it is important to validate the performance of the spectrometer and if possible recalibrate to maximize results. Spinlock recommends validating performance annually; for agricultural applications before the harvesting season starts. Why? For every reason supporting preventive maintenance: any technical problems detected in advance would prevent or quickly solve any possible failure.

Remote checks take only 24 hours (including night repeatability measurements) and allow a diagnosis of the equipment status. Calibrations can be carried out both in the client’s laboratory and in the Spinlock Technical Service area, if seeds, grains, etc. are available.

Contact us to know the discounts applicable in case of early harvesting season checks.

For more information or to request a review, please contact us.


📞+1 (786) 618-3630 / +54 0351 570-444


The science of agriculture is constantly looking for solutions to manipulate crops in order to increase the yield and quality of the oils it produces. That is why seed crops with a high oleic acid content are always favored and a premium in price is applicable when sold.

Peanut oil is made up of numerous fatty acids. It has been shown that a higher content of Oleic Acid in peanuts and their derivative products, considerably increases quality and useful life. Peanut seeds have an oil content that is around 45% of their weight on average. The main fatty acids contained in its oil are Oleic, Palmitic, and Linoleic. Countless studies agree that the higher the content of oleic acid, the greater the durability and quality of peanuts and their derived products. This is expressed in the well-known O/L (Oleic/Linoleic) ratio.

The SLK-200 NMR is capable of analyzing the oleic acid content in 37 cm3 samples of peanut seeds or in an individual seed or grain. Furthermore, you can simultaneously measure the percentage of oil, moisture, and linoleic acid if desired. The NMR analysis of individual peanut seeds allows producers the selection, reproduction, and cultivation of high oleic seeds, thanks to its non-destructive technique, the main advantage of NMR versus GC (Gas Chromatography). Each determination of Oleic is carried out in less than 4 seconds allowing the seeds to be classified as high, medium, and low oleic. It also allows the analysis of peanut by-products: Butter, Expeller-Pellet.

The NMR technique is the ideal tool for quality control and facilitates the daily work of producers and breeders of peanut seeds, Crushers and Oil Industry, and research or service laboratories. It replaces chemical analysis, which is relatively expensive and takes hours to prepare the sample and measure, with a fast and cheap technique.

Hundreds of Spinlock customers use our technology in more than 20 countries and on all continents. For the PEANUT Application, many companies trust our products, among them ADM, Golden Peanut; Lorenz Nuss GmbH, OLEGA, AMENDOBRAS AMENDOIM, among others


For more information about the equipment or the application, you can send us an email at info@spinlock.com.ar and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We extend a warm welcome to ZYZYGY Inc. as a service and sales partnership of Spinlock equipment in North America

Spinlock prioritizes the possibility of providing excellent service when launching into a new market. For this reason, we always do it with solid partners.

On this occasion, we are proud to announce our partnership with Zyzygy Inc., a US benefit corporation, joining the Spinlock family of global sales and service partners, in this case for the American market. Welcome, Zyzygy and staff!


Spinlock – Zyzygy – Services and sales partnership for North America

Chicago, Illinois – October 1st, 2020.


Spinlock announces the services and sales agreement with Zyzygy Inc.


Testimonial from Zyzygy: “This services and sales partnership is strongly aligned with the long term Technology Market Introduction strategy of our company” said Edgardo Promenzio, President and Technology Partner of Zyzygy Inc. “Partnering with Spinlock, a worldwide NMR equipment leader and highly innovative company, backed up by differentiated IP and an already strong presence in the European and Asian Markets, sets us for similar success in North America”


Testimonial from Spinlock: “We are very happy to have found the Zyzygy team to help Spinlock disembark into the American market with the strength and technical expertise that the market requires” said Dante A. Pusiol, CEO of Spinlock. “It is essential in our industry to have solid and reliable partners that guarantee customers a quick response and a close presence in the use of their equipment, something that the market demands in the first place for analytical equipment of high technological complexity. And we strongly believe that Zyzygy has all the tools to achieve it “


Thanks, Zyzygy for representing us!

We are really happy with this partnership and we trust that it is the beginning of a strong relationship.

Zyzygy – Contact information

Edgardo Promenzio


📲+1 (224) 225-9680 




Latest developments in the measurement of High Oleic Sunflower with the SLK 200 NMR

Spinlock continues to lead the market for quality analysis in Sunflower Seeds and Grains, incorporating new parameters and higher precision. We recently incorporated as clients sunflower oil and expeller/pellet factories in Argentina, and also clients for the same applications in Bulgaria, Italy and Australia.

The ability of our SLK 200 to measure oil, moisture and content of % Oleic Acid is already known, and now we have also incorporated the possibility of measuring % Protein in grains and sunflower by-products, such as expeller / pellet.

The SLK 200 NMR can analyze 37cm3 samples of sunflower seeds or samples of 1 single seed. This makes it the only equipment on the market capable of analyzing seed by seed and exclusively designed to distinguish COMMON SUNFLOWER FROM HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOWER (HOSO).

The measurement is fast (less than 4 seconds), accurate and does not destroy the sample. The parameters that it measures simultaneously are:

  • Oil
  • Moisture
  • Oleic, linoleic and main fatty acids.
  • Proteins


The results obtained can be visualized on the computer and exported to different formats. The software is very easy to use.

Hundreds of Spinlock customers use our technology in more than 20 countries and on all continents. Within our client base we count the support of: DOW, Syngenta, Advanta, Pepsico, Pioneer, CORTEVA, NUSEED, FIPAI EMPRAPA, Alta Seeds – ADVANTA, SOLTIS, SYNGENTA, Limagrain, ADM, Bunge, Cargill, etc. 


For more information about the equipment or the application, you can send us an email to: info@spinlock.com.ar and we will contact you as soon as possible.